Living Life on The Edge


Adventure means living life on the edge.

But why!

Why living life on the edge?

Why not play safe and be comfortable?

Of course that is what the whole world is doing!

Playing it safe!

And secure!

But the whole world is living a dull and boring life also!

Rather dragging it along!

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And then people design a few days of challenging (that too, safety included!) holidays in order to come out of the drudgery of their morose life even if for a short while, only to go back to the same square one again!

Why is it so that safety and security in life turn it into a mechanical, robotic structure?

Why does living life on the edge fill it with unprecedented energy, bubbling passion, wordless joy, and a total alert & aware, but relaxed discipline through every single moment of it?

The sharper the edge, the more the energy, passion, joy, awareness, discipline and relaxation; as well as the more the danger!


Who will want to live in perennial danger (that too, real!) every moment of life?

Only the one who loves it.

One who loves its suspense.

One who loves the unpredictability of even the next moment that is to come.

How can such a life be morose and boring?


Rather it's an adventure game to play without bothering to win or lose, but caring enough to enjoy the game the best every moment of it, i.e., playing the best move always - every single moment.

You can't afford to be slack, so you have to be ready; and you can't afford to be tense, so you have always to be relaxed.

Ready and relaxed - that is what living life on the edge is - a real adventure to live.


Can I go to the edge and walk on it, taking care not to fall down and get killed?

Can I walk on the verge of a crevice?

Can I live my life on edge, taking care not to fall down - every single moment?

The utmost care is needed in order not to fall down and harm your-self.

You need total silence for that much of care!

No noise of the mind running here and there noisily inside the brain can, any more, be afforded.

After all it is a question of do or die!

After all it is a question of life and death!

After all it is a real adventure and not a fabricated one with all the safety measures already in place!

The brain takes the initiative and immediately stops the mind.

The right synaptic signals get clearly established in between the brain cells, and travel through the motor nerves to the muscles taking the right step at the right moment.

Mind goes empty.

Brain stands still, doing momentarily - what exactly is needed, to be done.

No less, no more!

No hanky panky!

No confusions!

No greed!

Have A Spine-chilling Adventure Story To Tell About Your Ever Being On The Edge Of Life?

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No fear!

No nonsense!

No nothing!

Only intelligence!

Supreme intelligence!

No more missing, anymore now!

This is what jumping into a real adventure is.


But the question remains: where to find those edges, or how to create this real adventure in our day to day, routine and mundane life; and that too without putting it in any stupid peril!

Certainly, it is a real pertinent question if we have honestly decided to live life on the edge.

My everyday life is a mechanical rut: all too safe, all too secure, all too dull, all too boring!

It makes me feel tired and sleepy all through.

We need carving islands of adventure within the very fabric of our mundane routine.

So, what do we do all through the day?

We eat, we drink, we smell, we see, we hear, we touch, we talk and we have sex.

Can we come to the edge while doing any of these, and ultimately, while doing all of these?


How do we take our first step further?

Right now the way we do them is quite insensitive, hence dull and boring!

Let us start with sex, since it is here that we still have our sensitivities sharper than any other area (It is not for nothing that sex is the biggest keyword on the internet!).


But we shall need real adventure guts at the conscious level of making a decision to come to the edge in this prohibited domain of human passion.

We will have to be ready to turn its greedy hot excitement into the patient cool passion.

But first we need that greedy hot excitement, yes!

Unluckily, in general, we are not left with much of it for our regular partners approved by the society for this purpose, to be with us.

Whatever the reason, but that is what the reality is.

We must have enough adventure guts to call a spade a spade.

Our minds are almost always craving for 'new' and 'more' of it.

Now, do not challenge my assertion; or I will ask the same question: why is it that sex is the biggest keyword on the internet - it is not only that the bachelors and spinsters are going for it; but rather more, the married people are putting it there!

In fact, it is an area that has a very deep love-hate relationship with the mankind.

We are badly attracted toward it as well as it awfully repulses us.

Like an evil spirit that has possessed us since the very beginning of our existence!

We cannot free ourselves from its clutches.

But then, we are not ready to accept it wholeheartedly as an inseparable part of our moral existence too!

We avoid seeing it face to face (that is, basically, why we wear clothes in order to keep our naked bodies hidden from others' as well as from our own eyes!).

Have A Spine-chilling Adventure Story To Tell About Your Ever Being On The Edge Of Life?

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We do not consider it pious.

We consider it to be the basic sin.

What is the problem with us?

Why have we made it into a bugbear?

More than fifty percent of our problems on earth stem from this attitude of ours toward sex!

We urgently need doing something with it.

Can we listen to our mind's screams that it is continuously going on making?

It is continuously going on missing something - some real adventure - which it does not know what!

Of course, not sex; otherwise having more of it would have solved the problem.

It is the passion that we do not have and keep missing; be it for sex, or for food, or for curiosity, or for personality interaction with others in its totality - the ultimate adventure in itself.

How to get it back, right now, today?

Sex has that immense power of giving a whole U-turn of adventure to the attitude we have toward living.


Living life on the edge!

Not all sex, but a very different kind of it - rather a sex adventure!

Are you really attracted toward someone; and the other, toward you?

Ask your id, and not your ego or superego.

No more tags to be attached - no names to define it, no past history together, no future plans together - just pure, intense personality-attraction that has extended itself to envelope body-attraction as well!

I repeat: no past history together - no future plans together - just pure, intense personality-attraction that has extended itself to envelope body-attraction as well!

Only present - right now, here!


Can you undress in front of each other?

And still do not touch each other?

And come closer?

And still do not touch each other?

And come still closer?

And still do not touch each other?

And so on, and on, and on, and on!

One single touch, and your game will get spoilt!

Rather ruined!

You will be dead - energy wise!

So, take care!

There are no hopes for future, because you are never going to touch the other throughout your life!

There are no past memories to cherish, because you never touched the other ever in your life!

But you are coming closest possible to the other - keeping adding fuel to the fire!

Whatever is, is there right now!

You are walking on the edge.

Take care not to fall.

Or else, you lose the game of this ultimate adventure together!

You both lose together!

Not only the game of adventure, but also the opportunity to go beyond your continuous feeling of missing something in life, which you do not know what!

Live life on the edge. Your mind goes empty and the brain takes over the control of every action of yours.

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

Here is The Super Mind Evolution System that claims to change your personal life, so if you feel the system is good too - like I do - it may be a humble beginning in the direction of changing the way we live!

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