The Money and The Status


Career has somehow become our greatest concern in life on earth.

We just live in terms of how much we earn, how easily we earn as much as we do, and how high a social status we achieve in the pursuit of doing all this all through our life.

We live in terms of money and other people's opinion about us.

We do not live in terms of enjoying life; we only live in terms of entertaining it.

We do not live in terms of creating things; we only live in terms of producing them.

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We do not live in terms of loving others; we only live in terms of getting their love.

We do not live in terms of health; we only live in terms of treatment and medicine.

In short we do not live in terms of living, we only live in terms of getting... more and more and more!


It turns us more greedy than passionate.

It also turns us more fearful than carefree.

As well it turns us careless too!

We bother more than we care.

We bother to earn and we bother to achieve; we care NOT if it harms YOU or not.

Life turns hell!

The world turns a business office and life, a job - a perpetual as well as a perennial professional concern!

The world has really turned into a big business machine.

We all are the spare parts that it needs replacing its old ones with.

Perpetually and perennially!

Hence career!


If our social culture doesn't entrust material comforts and gains with as great an importance as it has done it with, the entire machinery of the world business may immediately come to a halt.

The human growth may come to a standstill.

Hence our social system enshrines it with a great reverence that shows itself as the status of a person - the bigger the spare part, the bigger the status!

But it amounts to USING the individual for the sake of the collective.

Is that an ethical practice?

Its answer simply lies in the question as to how ethical the collective itself is.

Is the human growth as a society going in the right direction?


What are we humans up to as a species?

Have An Inspiring Career Story To Tell About Your Professional Graph?

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First, survival!

Second, comfort!

Third, domination over other species!

Fourth, domination over nature!

Oh, the last point is the root of all the trouble on earth as far as human life is concerned.

What is nature?

Whatever; but we ourselves, certainly, are a part of it.

Domination over nature, with other things, also means domination over our own self.

But How can one fight with one's own self?

Nature, including our own instinctual as well as our own creative one, is much stronger than our gray matter is.

In its megalomania, the gray matter does not understand that.

It wants to keep fighting a war that it is bound to lose.

But in its own rigid insistence to do so, it is USING our energies by sucking them out of us through our working life.


I remember being coaxed by my parents and the principal of my school into making engineering my career only because it had the brightest scope; and I, being an exceptionally bright student, would easily crack the entrance exam of the best engineering institute of my country, which I did and got my name in the list of successful candidates to be admitted in it.

But I never had desired to do engineering at all!

In fact I had my plans to go for studying physics and do some research in it.

But they dissuaded me from that and persuaded me to enter engineering; more so since I had already got selected in the most highly reputed institute of the nation.

I succumbed to their pressure, thinking they had a better experience of life than I was having.

I was made to believe that life was more the material achievement than it was the call of passion.

I did my engineering well, got selected as a scientist in the Defense Ministry of my country after I completed it, and started with my life.


But in the very early years of my job, I got disillusioned of the kind of research I was being made to do over there.

It simply wasn't my cup of tea!

But it was too late for me to change my profession now and listen to the call of my passion.

So I continued with what I had been officially trained as.

But as the years passed by, I started getting more and more suffocated being in a kind of job for which I, probably, had not been designed as a personality.

When it came up to my nose, I resigned from my job.

What I did after that, is a totally different story; but today I am happy that I left my job and did what I could never have done, had I kept continuing with it as such.

I simply refused to be the spare part of the machine that our entire social system forces us to be through the comforts and the status of the enforced career as a reward to us for serving its means at the cost of our passion in life!

I propose changing the entire career scenario throughout the world by detaching it from its rewards in terms of money and status.


But what will happen of the business structure of our society then?

And how will human society ever get us as the spare parts of its war machinery fighting an unethical war against nature in order to subordinate nature to humanity?

A war against its own natural self!

Our business structure is violating nature at each and every step as well as at each and every level ruining the whole environment around on this planet.

I will certainly propose some more things too in the domains of money, status and business, so that they go hand in hand with my proposal to change the whole scenario upside down.

Let me do as my profession what I am made to do as my passion.


Do not force me to do what pays me the best - that is what the basic corruption is!

If I do what I am made to do, I will do it the best.

If I do it the best, the overall quality of life on earth will improve.

Now please do not tell me that what I am doing is less important for humanity than something else that someone else is doing.

Everything is equally important for mankind here on earth!


What matters is how good I do it and how free my passion as my occupation keeps me!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

Here is The Super Mind Evolution System that claims to change your personal life, so if you feel the system is good too - like I do - it may be a humble beginning in the direction of changing the way we live!

Just watch this video to check for yourself:

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