Running Around in Circles


The spirit of competition is the key fuel that is running our life in the modern day world.

Let me win the race - is the key phrase of our life.

Success is the keyword of our quality.

Everywhere it is the biggest achiever who becomes the center of attraction for all.

Now, what way s/he has achieved it is of no importance at all.

Ethics are no more anyone's cup of tea.

But then, when on earth were they?

We have always been like that!

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Why shall I not employ all the foul means on earth then, in order to attain what the world thinks is important for life?

Isn't it corruption?

In fact, it's the biggest of them all.

I want to ask you a basic question - "is life a race?"

"No", you may say, "but life is comfort, since it is comfort that gives pleasure to us. And comforts are not to be got without competing with one another. There are not so many of them there as many are we here on earth."


But I doubt if the central theme of life is pleasure at all.

If it were, people wouldn't have climbed Mount Everest at the peril of their life.

Is it ambition then? To prove that I am the best, I keep competing all my life!

But people like the Buddha left their kingdom in order to search for something deeper than the heights of ambition even.

This man had stopped running the race not only with the world around, but also with his own self inside.


He had just stopped in time, with it. So, when the dreaded terrorist Angulimal ordered him to stop in the middle of a jungle the Buddha was walking in, he simply said, "It has been long since I stopped. When will you?"

And the terrorist immediately saw the futility of the race he was running in his own, with his own self!

He immediately stopped too!

Have A Struggle Story To Tell About Your Competitions In Life?

Click here to share your story with visitors to this page!

The moment we come to our senses, we come across a world around us where every single person is running to overtake the other.

There is war going on within our own self in order to be a good girl or a good boy, or else nobody is going to love us including our mothers - that's what they always keep telling to us.

We are always on our toes; ready to run the race of winning over the imaginary bad girl/boy inside us that we have been made scared of by our elders.

And then in the school, they tell us to run the race of competition with our fellow students.

Not only our studies, but also our sports are designed on the lines of war only.

More so, even our pursuits of art and beauty...all so famous beauty pageants!


The ones I study with, the ones I play with, and the ones I love and appreciate their beauty are my friends but they turn my potential enemies as well.

Competition does this to us!

It robs us of all our soft feelings for the humanity around and turns us antagonistic toward one another.

It is this seed only that grows into cut-throat business competition later in life, employing all the corrupt practices for its own promotion that keeps trying to build a monopolistic business empire of its own.

Our business schools are also teaching us the same corrupt practices cut into neat theoretical studies under glamorous sounding titles their of!


And then the political rivalry between antagonistic nationalities always keeps the sword of war lurking over the heads of the common masses all through the world!

Who had known what Hitler would do to the Jews in Germany?

And then who had known what American soldiers would do with the honor of the Iraq prisoners of war?

And who knows what else are we going to see on this planet at the hands of competition with one another in our species, which we are so proud of being a civilized one!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

Here is The Super Mind Evolution System that claims to change your personal life, so if you feel the system is good too - like I do - it may be a humble beginning in the direction of changing the way we live!

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Have A Struggle Story To Tell About Your Competitions In Life?

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