The Heritage of The Past

What Is Culture

Is culture a heritage?

That is what it is referred to as!

It gives us a privilege over those who do not have it.

It turns us more sophisticated, and hence, civilized.

It rounds off our instinctual sharp edges and turns us soft in our interaction with others.

It imparts mannerism and etiquette to us.

It makes a few particular things more important for us than the rest others.

Have A Sensitive Culture Story To Tell About Your Cultural Fondness?

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It gives us a value system discriminating between the GOOD and the BAD.

It also gives us a set of aspirations meant to be fulfilled individually, as well as another set meant to be fulfilled collectively by the members of its own community, i.e., we as a race, or we as a religion, or we as a nation, or we as a species.

The Scottish , the Hindu , the Chinese , and the human!

It stands for refinement as well.

Like the pearls that it beautifies!

Refinement adds value.

So it ultimately stands for value added.

It turns us selective.

It turns us elite too.

It makes us proud of ourselves.

We look down on those who have less of it at their behest.

It turns us snobbish too!

It makes us judge others.

We assess them more than we accept them unconditionally.

We select and we reject.

We love NOT.

We glamorize or we pity.

We turn hypocrites.

What is the difference between it being there or not?

Its absence stands for more rustic ways of life.

More like animals?

Or more like nature?

Animals are natural, OK.

But do humans have to come down to the level of animals in order to be natural?

Have A Sensitive Culture Story To Tell About Your Cultural Fondness?

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Humans are different from animals.

We have gray matter that animals don't have!

Our gray matter thinks along with being instinctive.

It's creative.

And then we preserve GREAT creations created by the GREAT creators of our species, and follow into their footsteps making it a value in itself!

But then, isn't that following into someone's footsteps making it a value blunts our own personal creativity?

Doesn't it act as a chain binding and limiting our freedom of new creation in life?

We turn machines (good ones for that matter!) rather than being creative human beings on earth.

Isn't instinct a thought too, preserved by a whole species in the chromosomes of their genes?

That way, even the instinctual heritage is a heritage as well!

But it is biological rather than a sociological one.

That is what makes us the species that we are.

Our biological differences are the walls between the species.

We are not able to cross these walls and interact with other species in its totality.

But then we ourselves create our social walls pertaining to our different human societies and stop interacting with the rest in a total way.

Is it this that our gray matter was designed for?

No, the more we limit ourselves to our own, the less creative does our brain go.

Now, by limiting itself to its own cage our gray matter is committing the blunder of acting suicidal against its own self.

Different anthropological groups must mix, and match, and amalgamate with one another in order to have a rich human experience on earth.

Let us not take culture as something ultimate and final in itself.

Let it only be a USEFUL guideline, and that too for the time being only.

Let us not get attached to its commandments that do nothing else but for stopping the new and creative changes in life.

Let us stop attaching the tag of greatness to any culture on earth.

Since life moves ahead by creativity and not by it.

Culture without creativity is nothing but stagnation.

And if creativity is there, we just don't need the other at all!

Creativity is its own culture in itself - and that too a dynamic one, changing every single moment as something new without needing any reference to its past moments whatsoever as such!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

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Have A Sensitive Culture Story To Tell About Your Cultural Fondness?

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The world is eagerly waiting to listen to what you have kept inside till date. Act sharp!

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