Living Whole on The Edge

Holistic Health

How is health to be defined?

Is it merely the absence of disease?

For that we'll have to define disease first.

What is disease?


Not easy!

And illness?

Ill means bad.

Illness means bad function.


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The function of the system - the body and the mind - goes wrong.

The system goes dysfunctional.

It feels uneasy.

But even if the function keeps working, it might not be feeling easy.

Means no illness is there, but ease is missing.

Say, I had a headache and I took medicine.

The headache is over.

Illness is gone.

But I am still not easy.

Again if I go out in the scorching sun, or sit in a high-noise discotheque, or make my way through a thickly crowded lane in order to hurriedly reach my office in time, or if I try to avoid facing a dusty storm that caught me unawares in the mid of nowhere; I'll again develop another.

Am I easy, when at the moment I do not have it, I mean the headache?

I do not think I am!

Had I been easy, I would not have had the headache again.

But I am not ill.

But I am not healthy either!

I am susceptible to fall ill.

Simply because I am not easy under my circumstances!

Whatsoever they are!

I can buy a treatment of my illness, but I can not buy health.

So, health means being easy.

Easy with?


With my body!

With my mind!

With my personality!

With my relationships!

With my career!

With my business!

With my success!

With my failure!

With my circumstances!

With my past!

With my future!

With my present!

With my entire life!

Am I?

You have to ask it to yourself.

I do not think, we on earth are!

But why?

But then, why to be healthy too?

Do you want to be uneasy?

No one does!

So we do need to be healthy.

There is no alternative.

But then the question is, how to be!

That is the big question!

How to be healthy is that million-dollar question which must be answered if humanity really wants to start enjoying living life on earth. Why are we not? Why are we not content with what we have?

It does not mean not trying for what we do not have!

Still, why are we not easy with whatsoever we have?

Shall I stop trying if I go easy with what I have?

In a sense, yes!

I won't be mad after what I am trying to achieve.

How will I get it then?

How will I get that passion in my efforts, which gives me the energy to run after what I am missing in my life?

But why do I need running after it?

Simply because I do not have it!

So what?

So what?? I am missing it!

What if I do not get it?

I'll feel bad. I won't be easy.

Got caught!

I will no more be healthy if I am not easy!

I certainly want to know how to be.

But what of my passion!

My passion for getting what I do not have!

Does missing mean having passion?

I am not easy when I miss.

But I miss and then I have passion.

I turn uneasy in order to have passion.

I am diseased.

I am liable to fall ill.

I tend to fall ill.

And then I fall ill.

But I do not want to fall ill.

Can I not have passion without turning uneasy?

Without missing what I do not have!

Without jeopardizing my health!

Passion is energy.

Can I stop missing what I do not have and still have passion for what I am doing simply for the fun of doing it?

Does pure fun have passion as its ingredient or not?

Do I not have passion when I play a game, just for the sake of playing it and getting nothing material out of it?

May be, I have the passion of winning it.

And winning is very much material!

Even more than that!

That again takes me back to my disease!

No, I do not want to go.

I am not easy if I lose, hence I play the game with my full passion in order to win it!

I am still uneasy.

I am not healthy even while playing a game!

That is not the sportsman spirit!

But then who wants to lose?

Who does not feel bad when s/he loses?

But feeling bad means missing something!

That means not being healthy.

How to be, then?

Is there not a single game on earth that does not require a win or a lose and still keeps our passion to play it, intact?

Is there any?

What spoils health?

I do not know, but I do not want to lose it.

I want to win.

That is what I have been told to do since my childhood.


Win the match, win the contest, win the heart, win the girl, win the boy, win yourself, win your mind, be a winner - not a loser, win the world, win the race!

I join the race.

I have got to win it!

But if I win, someone, somewhere, somehow loses.

Everyone cannot win.

'Everyone comes out a winner' is just a slogan.

May be what spoils health, is this slogan only!

Let's investigate.

Winning is a competitive concept in itself, exactly like losing is.

They are both the two sides of the same coin.

We are trained not to live, but to win.

Living is playing without winning.

Also without losing!

Winning what?

Or losing what?

Something that I own, or something that I do not!

It's important for me to own it.

The maximum I can.

Still the more the better!

But why?

I'll use it.

Why do I need owning it in order to use it?

Because others want to use it too!

So what? Let them!

After all I won't need keeping using any damn thing all the 24 hours!

No, but I do not want to share.


Why do I not want to share?

I want to be the master. You do not know when I feel needing using it!

I am insecure.

I want security.

I want control over things.....and over people!

That sends me on a spree hoarding a huge stock of what I might need all through my life!

The more I hoard, the more I win.

The bigger the hoarding, the bigger the win!

I am called a successful man.

It's a mad spree!

It sounds insane!

I have stopped living and tasting my now for securing my then in order not to starve in future.

I am starving now in order not to starve in future.

I keep running the race!

I have got to win it!

I never play.

Even when I do, I play to win.

But I have already lost by starving now in order not to starve in future.

The moment I strive to win, I have already lost the game!

What an irony!

No, it's not.

In fact, this is what the law of nature is!

Why does our gray matter not read this language in which these laws are written?

And when I play to win and tell so inside my mind to myself, something happens to my body outside too!

My (in fact our - we all!) torso drops itself down, and then squeezes itself in, in order to defend itself from the imaginary (not real - real one never drops it down!) onslaught of future starvation - whether emotional, physical or moral.

Fear does it all!

Do health and sports have any connection between them?

Of course, sports do provide us with the best kind of physical exercise.

The kind of exercise that one enjoys doing!

Not the kind of exercise that one does as a sense of duty for keeping the body in shape!

One enjoys playing, and so, one plays.

Exercise is the side-benefit one gets out of enjoying playing sports.

One does not need making any sense-of-duty kind of a dreary effort and still the muscles are exercised!

Such simple a thing!

Looks like health and sports are like hands and gloves.

So easy and full of fun do they make our life!

But do they really do so?

Do we really play when we play sports, or do we only make an effort to win them?

All the sports on earth have been designed to enjoy through an effort to win them.

When you lose a game, you feel bad.

Can this be called the sportsman spirit?

Sportsman spirit bothers not for win or lose.

But the sports are designed either to win or to lose!

What an irony!

We are contradicting our own self.

We are taking health and sports away from each other!

We, on earth, have designed sports as war.

War thrills us.

But thrill is no enjoyment; it's only a kind of entertainment.

Entertainment that we need in order to come out of the dreariness of our life!

Life that has no fun left in it, in its normal course of activity.

We need something that compensates for the dreariness, life has fallen victim to.

That something has to be a thrilling one since it is a reaction and not an action in itself.

War gives humans a thrill.

So, we have designed all our sports on the pattern of war only.

If this win or lose is taken out of the design of sports, they will be dreary as life in itself is.

There may get established a connection between health and sports then, but we will no more enjoy playing them.

That means it's not the process of hitting the football that gives us joy but the displaying of the scoreboard that does so.

Displaying (dis-playing), linguistically also means something against the spirit of playing!

We do not know any other way to design our sports.

Fighting a war!

And we call it team spirit!

And we teach team building in our management courses, based on this spirit of fighting a war against those who are not a part of our team!

Is it not what gang forming too, is?

Are we turning our best brains and our best bodies into a kind of respected gangsters?

How can such activities be conducive to health?

Health and sports are left with no connection between them

How can they let us be easy?

Rather we want to pose challenges in order to get joy out of something - the joy of suspense in sports, the joy of suspense in movies, the joy of suspense in fiction, the joy of suspense in gambling, as well as the joy of suspense in war.

All the cheap kinds of suspense!

Health and sports turn strangers to each other!

And when the same suspense comes in its healthy form and establishes itself as a part of our personal mainstream lives as different from the artificial entertainment of sports or movies or fiction or gambling or war, we take it in not as suspense but as anxiety.

We want to avoid the uncertainties of life as far as they are the part of its mainstream.

We want to turn our life as safe and secure as possible.

The life turns dull and boring.

Then we try to infuse it with passion through putting challenges in front of it in terms of goals and aims and objectives of an ambition, taking all care that they are absolutely safe and secure.

The boredom and dullness remain as such, only getting covered by a mask of thrill, which is nothing else but pure tension of the mind and the body.

We live a life swinging between the two extremes - tension and boredom, resulting into mental hurry and mental lethargy.

Or, confidence and diffidence!

Or, courage and timidity!

Or, loyalty and treachery!

Or, motivation and inaction!

Or, any such pair of opposites in life, on earth!

Both the extremes are equally unhealthy, and we simply keep living our life swinging between the two of them only.

Even when we play, we do not have the spirit of playing but the tension of winning and the fear of losing only.

Which bigger sport than life itself is there on earth?

And who plays it with the real sportsman spirit here?

We are simply out to win it only.

And in the process, we have already lost it.

The bigger the win, the bigger the losing!

We never play the game of life.

We always fight a war in life.

We must come out a winner - that is what has been nailed deep into the core of our heart and our mind since early childhood.

Our culture does not let us play the game innocently without having a desire to win it or the fear of losing it.

We have already lost - our love, our innocence, our passion, our joy, and our health!

Can we redesign our sports that we, the humans play on earth?

So that health and sports are able to re-establish the connection that has been lost between them!

We never think that sex and health might have their effect on each other.

We think health is acquired with great efforts whereas sex is an effortless game that, at its best, is a necessary evil in life as such.

We do not play with our life.

We make it an effort.

Or, even if we play, we play it like a match that is supposed to be any cost.

And the cost humanity has paid for it, is a bit too much toward the higher side, taxing a lot, our health!

We think playing is irresponsible whereas making effort is a responsible act; and hence, we make an effort to win the game we play.

It is only the game of sex that is not supposed to be won.

You cannot win love.

You can win a man. You can win a woman.

At least this is what the culture of our language is like.

But you cannot win love.

When I say love, I very concretely mean lovemaking, i.e., sex.

Lovemaking is a game, sure!

We do not know the rules of both the games - sex and health!

We do not need winning it.

It's not designed as such.

In fact, it's not we who designed it.

Nature did.

And it's sex only that is the most sought after game on earth!

Whatever nature designed is healthy.

Whatever we designed; unluckily, went unhealthy.

We design to win.

Nature designs to play.

We stop playing.

We start making efforts.

Even in sex!

Sex and health, both are lost.

We want to win sex.

Without love!

We flirt.

We rape.

We buy sex.

We sell sex.

We barter sex.

We swap sex.

We insult sex.

We insult life.

We lose the game.

We lose the passionate joy of sex.

And we lose health.

The spirit of playing is the spirit of not feeling like winning.

It's the spirit of loving.

We only try to win our enemies.

We never try to win the ones we love.

We play with them.

That is why lovemaking is the only game on earth that we do not need winning if we play it in a fair way and not in a foul one!

And we are playing even such an innocent game in the dirtiest possible way in life.

We are losers.

We have lost our honesty in sex.

We have lost our health.

We have lost both, sex and health.

We cannot even play the easiest game, i.e., sex in a healthy way!

We fall victim to all kinds of, not only the health problems, but sex problems too.

But sex and health are no different.

They are the two sides of the same coin that we call life.

In fact, they are complementary to each other.

We must design our sports on earth on the pattern of sex only.

Sports in which no one loses!

Only then does health pursue from sports.

Good sex and health turn life full of love and the real sportsman spirit!

It is the passion that we do not have and keep missing; be it for sex, or for sports, or for food, or for curiosity, or for personality interaction with others in its totality.

How to get it back, right now, today?

Sex has that immense power of giving a whole U-turn to the attitude we have toward living and playing.

Living life on the edge! Living health!!

Not all sex, but a very different kind of it!

Are you really attracted toward someone; and the other, toward you?

Ask your id, and not your ego or superego.

No more tags to be attached - no names to define it, no past history together, no future plans together - just pure, intense personality-attraction that has extended itself to envelope body-attraction as well!

I repeat: no past history together - no future plans together - just pure, intense personality-attraction that has extended itself to envelope body-attraction as well!

Only present - right now, here!

Can you undress in front of each other?

And still do not touch each other?

And come closer?

And still do not touch each other?

And come still closer?

And still do not touch each other?

And so on, and on, and on, and on!

One single touch, and your game is spoilt!

Rather ruined!

You will be dead - energy wise!

So, take care!

There are no hopes for future, because you are never going to touch the other throughout your life!

There are no past memories to cherish, because you never touched the other ever in your life!

But you are coming closest possible to the other - keeping adding fuel to the fire!

Whatever is, is there right now!

You are walking on the edge.

Take care not to fall.

Or else, you lose the game!

Not only the game, but also the opportunity to go beyond your continuous feeling of missing something in life, which you do not know what!

If played rightly, the game has the potential to turn us whole - health in the body and health in the mind!

Live life on the edge. Your mind goes empty and the brain takes over the control of every action of yours.

Health turns whole!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

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