Chunks of Ownership


Money is the right that the society confers on us to be able to own a chunk of the world we live in.

The bigger the chunk, the richer we go.

But where do these chunks come from?

There are three sources of them:

  • The nature

  • Human Labor

  • Human Creativity

Let's take them one by one.

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Does the human society own the nature?

We think so.

We are the king here on this planet.

No one is there to challenge our assertion of its ownership.


Nature includes land (geography), minerals (geology), botanical life, and zoological life along with human life as well!

The last one, i.e., the human life claims to own the first four, i.e., geography, geology, botany, and zoology.

And then it authorizes its members to own its chunks individually.

Why does it do so?

To run a system that is comfortable to quantify.

Quantify, not qualify!

In fact, the human society never owned the total natural wealth in one single chunk as the social wealth at all.

These were the individual chunks only that assembled themselves as bigger units called the state, and then, the nation.

Or, were they forced to assemble?

And why were they forced to assemble their individual chunks if, at all, they ever were?

The terror of the king! What else?

Although they still retained their individual right on their individual chunk, but within certain limits; i.e., paying their homage to the state in exchange of this right of theirs being continued and maintained.


And thus the society, in the name of the king, became the ultimate owner of the entire chunk that the state was!

And then the states expanded themselves in order to turn into empires.

Fierce battles were fought on the face of the planet that changed all the old equations of the ownership of the chunks owned either by individual or by state.

Empires fought with empires.

Came the World War 1, then came the World War 2!

And then came the war against terrorism!

It was not even fully waged, when recently the nature waged the mother of all the wars against humans for trespassing into its creative balance in the name of IMPENDING Global Warming threatening life with IMMINENT extinction.

We could not even get time to make our preparations!

And we are still bothered about money and the ownerships of chunks on earth!


It is our lust for riches only, that has done this to us.

The rest two sources of wealth, i.e., the human labor and the human creativity are also being USED for further exploiting the wealth of nature in order to heartlessly go on turning it into further new chunks of ownership on earth.

The concept of ownership as such is at fault in all this mishap slapped at our face direct.

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Why should I own anything on earth after all?

Let me use it when I need it like I use the water of the river.

And then let it go back to the nature or to the public pool administering its circulation like it is done with the books in a library.

How big a cost saving and how economical a resource management will such a system result in!

We shall no more have to exploit nature as bad as we are doing it today.

In fact; for us to mend our ways, nature has created an emergency in front of us in the name of IMPENDING Global Warming threatening life with IMMINENT extinction.

We have no alternative but to listen to the coming voice of death attentively.

Or else we are going to go dead even before our sons and daughters turn young!

We don't have much time left at our behest.


Money is the culprit, so let's deal with this only first of all.

Have we not yet turned so creatively advanced as to be able to design a system that requires no money calculation at all at the individual level of humans as members of the life club on this planet?

Money turns us irresponsible toward our environment in our actions.


Our businesses do not aim at living life better but at earning more profits, and then still more of it!

If money has no place in our business, what will the face of business turn like?

Will it not be more humane as well as more responsible in its actions then?

"Why shall I do business at all?" you will say.

"Because it will be a creative urge of yours doing it, then!" I will reply.

You will do as business what you love as life.

You will also do as job what you love as life.

You will not be paid for it in terms of salary or profit.

But what is the need of being paid with money when everything you need is available for you to use as and when you need, and then leave it free to be used by someone else around?


Our society will need much fewer things than it seems to need now resulting in producing them more and more and more and more!

We shall produce more quality than quantity then.

Our quality will also be much more responsible then than it is now.

That will certainly improve the quality of life too, that we live here on this planet.

Can't our so highly advanced computer technology keep a dynamic account of the inventory of the human wealth all around the globe in order to manage it well through circulation among its members in a time-efficient way, without the help of such a crude and uneconomical tool as money is?

We certainly can do much better in business as well as in life, only if we do away with money at the international level.

Only they will have problems with it that have their vested interests in that old cliché.

No money is the only future of economics on earth!


As well as our only savior today in the war against Global Warming at the level of the planet we are living on!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

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Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

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