An Unnecessary Evil

Definition of Politics

Politics as the very idea in itself is an anti-democratic one.

It deals with the ways to rule the masses by some people sitting at the helm of important affairs.

Ruling means disciplining people as per the rulers' rules.

Am I undisciplined?

They say, 'yes'.

In their opinion, people are Satan.

If left free, they will ruin the world.

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They will kill him, rape her, and snatch another's money.

Is it like this that we have been designed by the nature?

If it is so, then every single human is bound to be like this including the rulers.

If it is not, what is it that makes us so?

And whatsoever it is that makes us so, is not going to spare the rulers from its clutches.

So, how does one get a right to rule the other?

It is state only that makes us so.

It discriminates between you and me.

It discriminates between the ruler and the ruled.

The ruler gets entrusted with immense power at her/his behest.

Power means power over others.

Power corrupts.

Lack of power corrupts too.

The former turns us into a dacoit whereas the latter, into a thief.

All the kings on earth ever were nothing more than the biggest dacoits of the land.

All our 'democratic' leaders today are nothing less than the biggest scoundrels of the land.

Who doesn't know that throughout the world!

State, in order to justify its existence, wears the mask of a welfare state.

It protects us against the impending dangers that it has caused to keep lurking on our heads always.

So that we never even dream of throwing its yoke off our shoulders!

It is not only a corrupt game of power; it is also a cunning game of conspiracy as well!

Even Shakespeare vouches for that!

Politics has rendered us powerless in our lives.

Simply because it has amassed a lot of it in its own account!

The balance of power has gone tilted in its favor against the freedom of the masses.

When kings were dethroned, it smelt an impending danger challenging its very existence on earth.

It then phrased the concept of democracy in order to save its skin.

Of the people, for the people, by the people!

People chose people to rule over them!

Nothing ever has been bigger eyewash than this.

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People never chose people.

Money got them elected.

Power chose power.

Money power chose political power.

Political power amassed more money power.

More money power concentrated more power in the hands of political syndicate.

It turned into a mafia.

And for that matter, the most dangerous of them all!

The state fools us with the mask of democracy that it is wearing over its plutocratic face.

Plutocracy is violence in its most subtle form.

Violence does have its reaction.

It turns us corrupt.

The moment it turns us corrupt, it attains its justification of being there on earth.

It says, people will go berserk if state is not there to tame their craving and rein their villainy.

First it starves us through rationing our freedom, and then it blames us of reacting chaotically.

It not only justifies its existence, but also makes provisions for emergency powers in its favor; if ever people rose against it in order to end its existence on earth.

And it keeps playing its cunning game of safeguarding the undemocratic interests of the lobbies it has got constituted of!

The masses remain almost ignored in an inhumane way by the ones who have amassed all the power in their hands!

The balance of power in a democracy always remains tilted to the side of its nexus with money against the welfare and the freedom of the common man in the state.

The common man who has gone corrupt not by choice but by force!

The force of power against the justice of nature!

Why do we need politics on earth?

Why do we need state at all?

If there is no government, shall we start killing one another?

Or will there be some mechanism that will take care of the situation and not let things go chaotic?

I do feel there certainly are such mechanisms that only work when there is real emergency in front of humanity.

And such mechanisms work much better than power does.

They do not work in the corrupt ways of power.

Simply because they are the mechanisms designed by the collective wisdom, and that too in a do or die situation!

They are not going to be corrupt at least.

And if they persist, masses themselves will come out of their habitual reactionary corruption in the due course of time and enthusiasm.

Once we are no more corrupt, even the new mechanisms will not be needed on earth any more.

The nations will themselves dissolve the boundaries between them.

The armies will automatically dismantle themselves and utilize their energy in fighting against the nuances of natural calamities rather!

The politicians will have to get trained in some more useful (or less harmful!) skill for the mankind in order to earn their bread and butter, and be satisfied with that much only!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

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