The Door to Another Perception


Why does everybody feel compelled toward sex?

It is the most powerful and hence the most compelling perception on earth. Its power lies in the depth it can take us to.

Unluckily, we have not yet explored the real depth it can really take us to.

We, in our ignorance, deal very shallow with it and come back unfulfilled from its doors. But its thrill calls us back to touch the depth, and we try to compensate the depth with the width. We feel like having it with newer partners. We do it or not - that is a different question, but we do feel like doing, i.e., having it with newer partners. Nobody can deny it.

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But no matter how much wide it is, it can never replace its depth. We come back unfulfilled from its doors. And we come back bitten by the bite of its shallowness with a host of problems in our performance, e.g., premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity, vagisnimus, orgasmic dysfunction, and like!

The ultimate depth, it can take us to, is the height of enlightenment. It is the easiest carrier to enlightenment simply because it is most enjoyable and hence can be continued easily till the attainment of fulfillment and enlightenment.

Sex problems stem from problematic physiology and/ or from problematic psychology. Both have a bearing on each other as well as on its function.

Problematic physiology and problematic psychology, in turn, stem from a more basic phenomenon, i.e., the inhibited energy equations of the awareness causing these problems along with other psychological and physiological diseases.

Learning how to harness more cosmic energy of awareness and channeling the same toward specific biological system of eros is the key to treat the basic sex problems.

Premature ejaculation is a man's persistently compulsive pattern to ejaculate well before his partner has achieved orgasm.

It is the most widespread of all the prevailing sex problems.

It has already acquired the undeclared status of a social epidemic and that too, without any cure.

In fact, it is socially taken as an insult to the manhood. That's why nobody wants to admit of his problem of premature ejaculation in public.

The victim always thinks he is a lesser man just because he is a victim to it - he wants to try every cure and every treatment available. But there are many men with premature ejaculation, who are not at all bothered of their partners' needs - they are not simply bothered about its cure or its treatment at all.

Victims to premature ejaculation try their best on their own to break its pattern by endless psychological and/ or physical devices; like distracting their minds to something else or inflicting pain on themselves while having intercourse to somehow delay their ejaculation but to no effect!

Various creams and lotions have also come to the markets that anesthetize the penis claiming to be a treatment of premature ejaculation.

Some men can delay their premature ejaculation for a while with one or more of these devices (that too, only temporarily) at the cost of the passion, which, generally everybody, and particularly a victim to premature ejaculation dreams of so irresistibly!

Impotence is a man's inability to have or sustain an erection hard enough to have vaginal intercourse.

Primary impotence means never having been able to have a successful intercourse in life.

Secondary impotence means having been able to have an intercourse at least once in the past but being unable to have one at present.

The possible causes of impotence are trauma, premature ejaculation, overdrinking, a dominating parent, religious restrictions, and homosexuality.

Physical causes, e.g., diabetes, etc. may also cause impotence but very rarely!

Premature ejaculation is sometimes referred to as a type of impotence but it is not, because erection is there although ejaculation is immediate. Hence any treatment or cure of premature ejaculation cannot be taken as a cure for impotence too.

Ejaculatory incompetence is not impotence either because erection is there although ejaculation is missing. Here again no treatment or cure of ejaculatory incompetence is to be taken as a cure for impotence as well.

Even sterility cannot be classified as a type of impotence. Sterility means a lack either in the number of sperms or in the quality of sperms but not in erection or ejaculation. Therefore a treatment or cure of sterility too is not a cure for impotence again.

Have An Insightful Intimate Story To Tell About Your Sex Perceptions And Problems?

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Oppositely, impotence does not necessarily imbibe sterility in itself because it does not say anything about the reproductive capacity of the semen. So finally it comes out that the cure or treatment of impotence is to be one specifically targeted at impotence only and nothing else related to it.

Ejaculatory incompetence refers to a man's inability to ejaculate inside the vagina; although his behavior outside the vagina is absolutely normal.

It is the opposite of premature ejaculation.

As opposed to ejaculatory incompetence, a victim to premature ejaculation inevitably ejaculates without much delay once his penis is inserted, or even well before entry.

But a man with ejaculatory incompetence can maintain an erect penis inside the vagina for an unspecified period of time and still, is not able to ejaculate there.

Outside the vagina, e.g., in masturbation or fallatio, the victim ejaculates in a normal way without much delay, but inside the vagina ejaculatory incompetence grips his erotic behavior. That is what the dilemma of ejaculatory incompetence is. The man with ejaculatory incompetence is always at a loss of satisfaction simply because he is unable to ejaculate, whereas his partner can have more than one orgasm just because he can maintain an erection for so long.

The possible causes of ejaculatory incompetence are religious restrictions, fear of impregnating, feeling of the vagina being dirty, and dislike for the female partner.

Sex drive, potency, and performance are defined, successively, as the desire and power, firstly, to have a spontaneous erection, secondly, to have it hard enough, and thirdly, to keep it for as long as one wills, before ejaculation in intercourse.

Sex is a mysterious phenomenon. That is why a drug prepared for lowering blood pressure is showing better results as a drug for increasing potency and performance! But the problem is that this drug only affects the erection of the penis (that too, temporarily); it does not have any bearing on the dynamics of eros as such. Nor does it infuse more passion erotically.

In fact, it is a system of energy equations. It is not simply the biological energy produced by dietary intake; rather, it is the energy of awareness manifested in biological form as sex drive and potency.

Awareness is cosmic energy, maintaining its biological structure and system through dietary intake. Awareness has a tendency to expand by union that manifests itself as sex drive and potency.

Learning how to harness more cosmic energy (by removing biological blocks) into general biological form and channeling the same toward specific biological system of eros is the key to increasing sex drive, potency and performance as well as to generate a magnetic sensuous aura around one's whole body.

In fact, an ancient cult in Kashmir centered all its practices toward this potency and performance approach to attain self- realization through continuous expansion of awareness by manipulating a perpetually rising graph of erotic tension between two erotic systems of awareness, i.e., a human male and a female. They used to conserve this increased sex drive and potency in order to break the barriers of awareness and not just aim at mere the drive, the potency or the performance.

And the good thing is, it not only targets male potency and performance but also the much ignored female drive which is equally addressed by this approach to harness cosmic energy.

Orgasmic dysfunction is a woman's inability to have an orgasm.

Orgasmic dysfunction in females is not a term parallel to impotence in males.

Have An Insightful Intimate Story To Tell About Your Sex Perceptions And Problems?

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A woman with orgasmic dysfunction is not able to have an orgasm at all by any method; whereas, an impotent male, contrary to a female with orgasmic dysfunction, can have an erection, can masturbate, and also can ejaculate outside the vagina but none of these, inside the vagina during intercourse.

There are many possible causes for orgasmic dysfunction. They are so many that it is really difficult to classify them in a coherent list. Still a few of them causing the problem are religious prohibitions, emotional immaturity, lack of identification with the partner, and marriage to a sexually inadequate man.

Probably, the most frequent cause of orgasmic dysfunction in a woman is her 'second-best mate' syndrome. A woman with orgasmic dysfunction feels that the male she is with as a partner is certainly inferior to the ideal person of her dreams who she should, and could, have slept with. She cannot lose herself in the erotic act and thus becomes a victim of orgasmic dysfunction.

Vaginismus refers to an involuntary tightening of the outer part of the vagina at the time of sexual intercourse so that no entry inside the vagina is possible.

Sometimes an unusually tight or small opening of the hymen is confused with vaginismus.

Such a physical constriction can be removed surgically but that does not treat vaginismus.

Hence, vaginismus can only be treated if it has been successfully diagnosed.

Also, a mere psychological interview cannot surely diagnose vaginismus.

A physical examination making direct contact with the opening of the vagina and thus feeling its involuntary spasm is the only way to assure its presence.

The possible causes of vaginismus are religious taboos, erotic trauma, painful intercourse, and lesbian orientation.

Frigidity refers to a reduced drive in women.

In fact, frigidity is a non-medical problem. It has not been defined technically in the medical literature but the folklore uses the word, i.e., frigidity much.

Frigidity may have different subjective interpretations with different persons. Frigidity may mean a woman who never has orgasms. On the other hand, frigidity may also mean a woman with a drive to have intercourse once a week whereas the husband thinks she should have it daily and hence, complains of her frigidity!

Possible causes of frigidity are religious prohibitions, emotional immaturity, lack of identification with the partner, and lack of perceptive awareness.

Sometimes lack of passion in erotic activity is also termed as frigidity. This interpretation of frigidity has simply to do with the energy level of perceptive awareness in a woman. As has been said elsewhere too, eros is a system of energy equations. Learning how to harness more cosmic energy of awareness and channeling it toward biological system of eros is the key to curing frigidity.

Sex in the aging should be as naturally occurring as in the young age. But many myths surrounding sex in the aging have their own psychological impact, which results into an adverse physiological affect of reduced sex in the aging.

Ignorance is the main cause of many erotic problems but nowhere else has it done so much damage as to the sex in the aging. Lack of passion toward life, in general, is another reason that inhibits sex in the aging.

The four stages of erotic response cycle in males as well as in females, i.e., the excitement phase, the plateau phase, the orgasmic phase, and the resolution phase change a little as they grow older.

Sex in the aging should and can only proceed along this changed response cycle and should never become a cause of worry.

In fact, sex in the aging can sometimes prove to be a blessing to a few couples who have, their whole lives, been troubled by the problem of premature ejaculation, simply because ejaculatory control automatically improves with the growing age!

Have An Insightful Intimate Story To Tell About Your Sex Perceptions And Problems?

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In the ancient cult traditions, numerous sex techniques were visualized and finally illustrated as the health manuals for practitioners of sex for enlightenment. These sex techniques were sourced from various practical experiences and many classic works like Kama Sutra, Anang Ranga, Koka Shastra, Chanda Maharosana Tantra, etc.

The Kama Sutra is the earliest and the most revered work on eros and sex techniques. It was written in the second century AD, by a sage, named Vatsyana. In 1883, Sir Richard Burton translated Kama Sutra in English describing all the sex techniques given in it.

Handy Tips on Sex:

  • Touch your partner as if you are touching yourself. This means feeling the touch at both the parts of the body: one, touching and the other, being touched that we do when we touch ourselves. Similarly, if you are touching the lips of your partner with your lips, do not limit yourself to the sensation in your lips only but try to feel, imaginatively, the sensation in your partner's lips as well.

  • Touch your partner as if he/she is touching you. This means switching the roles on the experiential level of being. You will be astonished to note that your aggressive actions of touching are automatically being replaced with the relaxed passive feelings of being touched (by yourself!).

  • Touch your partner with a feather touch. The feather touch is the most sensitive touch, for both-one who is touching and the one who is being touched.

    Take note that at times we feel that ours is the lightest touch, although it is not. So always ask yourself the question, "Is this the lightest I can touch my partner?" If not, make it still lighter.

  • Kiss your partner with a feather kiss. The feather kiss is the most sensuous kiss.

  • Listen to every sound your partner makes. Take note that listening is different from hearing. Listening has an element of attention in it that hearing does not necessarily have.

  • Keep the lights subdued and unfiltered so that the shadows are prominent. Bright, filtered, and shadow-less lights take away the third dimension of depth out of your vision that is so important for sexual appreciation.

  • Make your touches and kisses innovative and at the uncommon parts of the partner's body. No part of the body is less important than any other part.

  • Let the partner decide his/her own pace in the foreplay. Do not dictate your own terms only.

  • Do not fantasize of some other partner while in bed with one. This is the mistake the majority of the population makes to their own detriment.

  • Try to feel the erotic sensations of your partner as you are feeling yours. This is the most effective feeling that turns one on. This is the thing that, if successfully done, has the capacity to keep you young even when you go old!

Around 2000 years ago, there was a cult in Kashmir whose followers utilized sex for the purpose of enlightenment.

The scene was that of a big hall where a number of couples practiced sex for enlightenment in unison and one out of all those couples acted as the lead couple. The lead couple used to be an enlightened one who kept dancing through the spaces in between all the couples while practicing sex for enlightenment.

The lead couple's responsibility was to keep a watch on all the couples so that none strayed into ordinary intercourse while practicing sex for enlightenment. When the lead couple detected anybody straying, they reached dancing near them and kicked them on their buttocks. This reminded the straying couple of their real purpose for the erotic session they were having, i.e., enlightenment; and they rectified themselves immediately.

Later, this tremendously effective practice slowly degenerated into sex orgies owing to the degeneration of culture in that particular area and had to be stopped under social pressure. But the method remains the same and is still as effective as it was two millennia ago.

Rather we can mould it better in a more practical way suiting the present day conditions today and turn our life heaven on earth!

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