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Society eases and comforts the life.

It also makes it safe and cooperative.

But the biggest thing it does is, it makes its members interact with one another.

Why interaction?

Obviously for ease and comfort!

Also for safety and cooperation!

But most importantly for its own sake, i.e., for no other reason but for the heck of it!


Simply because it is one of our instincts along with many others!

And this instinct is the most important of them all as far as it affects the quality of life.

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But we on earth have started giving more importance to quantity than quality.

Hence, ease and comfort along with safety and cooperation have become more important aspects of our social life than pure interaction with one another without any reason at all.

Cooperation can be there for two reasons among the people.

One, out of need or greed; and two, out of compassion!

Are we compassionate or are we greedy?

We cannot be both together.

Unluckily, it is out of our need and greed that we cooperate with others here.

Safety, ease and comfort are the needs or the greed whatever you call them.

They necessitate a motif for cooperation and that too, a very personal one.

And we generally cooperate with one another in order to make a team (or a gang!) against another team or gang whatever you feel like addressing it as!

We humans have turned the earth into a battlefield among the teams that cooperate among themselves, but against other teams; be it in business, or in research, or in sports, or in the wars!

Compassion asks for no motif when it comes to cooperate with the other.

Hence it fights not too.

It only knows how to love and how to cooperate without any motif at all!

Animals do not love. We know that. They are either challenge to one another, or unconcerned with one another, or else make narrow groups against other narrow groups of the same species.

Humans fall in the last category.

We are living in a world surrounded by enemies or competitors all around.

So we make groups and call them friends.

We are friends only till we are surrounded by other groups of enemies!

The moment the danger is over, we start fighting among ourselves in our own group with one another making sub-groups for the purpose of fighting and winning over other sub-groups!

So we make sub-groups and call them friends - closer friends within the group!

We always have to keep our bodies tense, looking for any possible enemies around!

Have An Interactive Social Story To Tell About Your Interaction With Your Society Around?

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Our great animal legacy!

We are evolving fast.

But alas! We haven't yet evolved enough.

Our body left its animal legacy.

We left being on our fours.

But have we yet been able to come fully on our twos?

At present, human society dwells in relationships.

The basic unit of the society takes its shape from the relationship between a male and a female.

We have institutionalized this relationship and given it the name of marriage.

Marriage, through reproduction, grows into a family and makes the basic unit of society.

Family grows into family clans and family trees, fragmenting humanity into castes, sub-castes, ethnic groups, business groups, political groups and finally the nationalities.

The world along gets divided into many fragmented pieces, every piece having its own set of interests and motifs against the others who all act as competitors to one another.

The fragmented pieces cooperate within themselves in order to fight against the rest.

A war ensues; at times between castes and sub-castes, at others between ethnic groups, at still others between business groups, and at worst between political groups and nationalities.

The humanity gets trapped in as dangerous scuffles as The World War 1 and The World War 2 have been there on earth!

But why?

Where have we gone wrong that we have started killing our own species like this?

The humanity may end itself conclusively if ever there ensues another world war on earth!

Where have we gone wrong?

I suppose the basic mistake that has been made is in the very design of the family being the basic unit of the society.

The concern for family narrows down our world-view very seriously.

It turns us very myopic, giving importance to relationships only at the cost of interaction without motif with our fellow human beings on this planet.

Motif becomes all-important in the human culture on earth.

Love - the motif less concern between human and human - simply gets lost.

If we want to turn our society healthy again, we need changing its basic unit from family to individual who interact in communities and not through family relationship only.

Being a wider array, a community is capable of offering a much wider range of interaction among its members without making them feel imprisoned inside a narrow cage of as small a unit of society as family is.

Both, life and society will go so much more creative as well as so much more colorful then!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

Here is The Super Mind Evolution System that claims to change your personal life, so if you feel the system is good too - like I do - it may be a humble beginning in the direction of changing the way we live!

Just watch this video to check for yourself:

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