Sports around The World

One and The All

Sports around The World

Sports around the world have all been designed on the pattern of war.

They all are played not with the sportsman spirit, but with the spirit of war. Violence in sports all around the world is an evidence of the same.

Are the two the same?

Not the least!

The sportsman spirit is the spirit of playing without bothering for who wins or who just

The spirit of war is the spirit of coming victorious by defeating the other.

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The sports and the war!

Obviously, the two are 180 degrees opposite to each other.

Why are they mingled with each other then, in all the sports around the world?

A real mystery!

Or the ignorance?

Whose ignorance?

Ours naturally! Who else's?

Sports around The World

We, who designed all these sports around the world, could not imagine how to keep the two spirits apart; and still keep the passion building up and up and up, as the graph of the sport built (up!) with time.

Sports were designed to have fun together in a physical way as per the sports history of the mankind.

That's right! So, let's define sports as physical fun together.

Fun gives joy.

'Together' gives it more.

Much, much more!

The more the physical skill, the more the fun!

Especially so in the adventure sports!

Both the sides!

But then we start measuring it.

So much so that measuring the skill acquires an existence of its own as different from the fun it (the skill) had been acquired for.

But why, in the first place, did we start measuring it at all after all?

Sports around The World

We humans have, on the path of the growth of civilization, somehow turned more traders of the commodities of the growth than players of the fun of its beauty.

Trader counts the coins.

The bigger the count, the greater the thrill!

Fun turns to thrill!

Thrill replaces joy when growth becomes more important than the aesthetic of life.

The thrill of measuring the bigger skill in comparison with the lesser one - all the sports scandals - brought into the limelight by channels like Fox Sports and others - along with sports betting!

The thrill of going at the highest speed possible in a sports car!

Have A Memorable Story To Tell About Your Sports Life?

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The trader in us starts counting its score!

The bigger the score, the surer the win!

The loser goes to the wall.

The spirit of fun - the sportsman spirit - turns to the spirit of war.


The trader in us turns the warrior.

All the violence going on outside the sports bars is an evidence of the same.

And this warrior only designs all the sports around the world.

War is fought with enemies.

Sports are played with friends.

Sports around The World

How can we declare then, the spirit of war to be the spirit of sports?

That would breed enmity among the friends who play all the sports around the world.

How can we afford to turn a sport into a war?

That would kill us all.

So, the trader in us puts a mask on it, dilutes it down, and calls it the sportsman spirit.

That's what our sports psychology is!

It mongers slogans like 'play to play and not to win' and like 'It's a win-win situation for all around in the game'.

And the Sports Authority makes easy money as it supplies its gear!

Then Sports Illustrated, BBC Sport, CBS Sports and Sky Sports take up the charge of reporting what is ON in the arena!

We have all such sports quotes as well as more famous sports quotes along with sports articles, sports poems, and also sports quiz questions reinforcing this slogan mongering for that matter.

Whom are we fooling?


Why will I not bother to win, if the loser has to LOSE the game?

And how can a situation be a win-win one, if the game is not for fun?...And fun, if the game is for; then why will you call it win-win-win, and why won't you call it fun?

We do NOT play to play; we DO play to win.

Sports around The World

We do not play a game; we play a mock war.

The spirit is that of fighting against, and not having fun with all.

And it is true about not only one, but, all the sports around the world.

Can we undo today, what we did wrong in the past?

Can we redesign all our sports around the world?

I know it's not an easy job, but should we avoid doing a right thing just because it is not so easy to do?

Can we accept the creative fun of this challenge?

The challenge of clearing all the pollution that has poisoned not only all the sports around the world, but also the entire world of entertainment!

And we need doing it without losing the graph of interest that all the sports around the world build on!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

Here is The Super Mind Evolution System that claims to change your personal life as we know it, so if you feel the system is good too - like I do - it may be a humble beginning in the direction of changing the world map with a new world vision!

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