Wanderlust versus Travel Spirit

Definition of Travel

We travel not on earth!

We make houses, turn them into homes, give them an address, and start identifying with those addresses only.

Then we live the major part of our life inside the four walls of our house.

Physically as well as psychologically!

Our wanderlust - one of the basic animal instincts - gets curbed in the hands of the socio-economic pressures on the style of life we live in.

Not only wanderlust, but also the travel spirit - an exclusive domain of the human curiosity as different from animals - gets curbed too!

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We get stuck to one single place on earth.

Once we get stuck to a place, we tend to own it too.

We start calculating the price of the place rather than enjoying its beauty.


But keeping living in the calculating mode all the time proves a little bit too taxing for our spirit turning curiosity into anxiety; and life loses its beauty turning it into boredom and dullness, taking the spirits down in the process.

And then we arrange for a few holidays from our work planning to go on a leisure trip or a so-called adventure trip.

As we head toward it, we do get a thrill and an excitement in the beginning; but soon is this too, to be withered away by the habitual calculations we have been accustomed of keeping making at almost every single moment of our life.

Holiday trip again turns to be a new home away from home.

The openness of the wide stretch of the no man's land gets narrowed down in the luxury of the hotel room that we have immediately checked in after reaching our destination (that too, already planned!).

Where is the spirit of travel in all this fixed itinerary holiday trip of ours - well calculated and well planned?

And that too by a tour operator on our behalf!

We need leaving ourselves free in our wanderings.

Have A Picturesque Travel Story To Tell About Your Raving Holidays?

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"Leave your birthplace

And roam around the world

Refusing either to be a slave

Or a slaveholder!"

- (Most probably) Milton (I may be wrong too!)


The spirit of travel turns us free severing our limiting connection (even if temporarily) with the place we call our home on earth.

It is something like severing our connection with the womb by cutting our umbilical cord at the time of birth as we come out of our mother's womb.

The world out is our home then and no more the womb!

The home is the womb for the embryo and the vast spread of earth, our play-ground as real adults!

Let us go and play outside rather than keeping staying home safe.

Let our wandering adventures give a new birth to our soul.

Let us meet our newer and newer playmates all around the world.

Let the real travel spirit free our soul from the clutches of calculating every single interaction among people round the globe.

The entire earth is my home and its inhabitants, my family!

Can we just leave our home without an itinerary already decided to its finest detail?

Can the time of vacation VACATE our mind of all the calculations that always keep going on into it keeping it too busy to look around, all the time?

That is what a real vacation is!

And that is what the real travel is, too!

It gives us a glimpse of the world beyond our narrow homes - on earth as well as in the mind.


We are no more an American or an Australian.

We are also no more a Christian or a Mohammedan.

Only the humans interacting with the humans en-route!

Let us not know before the journey starts, as to which direction we are heading to.

Our journey must encompass a spontaneous thrill of suspense in it.

This brings a spontaneous insecurity of adventure too, in it.

The mind automatically gets vacated of any concern with unnecessary safety and security that keep it over-occupied all through our life.

Travel, in itself, becomes an adventure then!

I propose for everyone becoming an aimless as well as a directionless world trekker trekking without money in pocket, earning it on the way as and when necessary, for one full year before starting one's career in life.

It will bring humans of the world much closer to one another than any cultural exchange program can!


We will have a first hand exposure to and a very personal interaction with all the nationalities around, round the globe; which, right now we don't even have any remote concern with.

If an earthquake is there in Indonesia, a common person in Bolivia is least bothered about.

Right now for a Bolivian, Indonesia is nothing more than a political color on the map of the world that is hanging in her/his study room.

Had s/he been a trekker once in her/his young age who had spent a few eventful days in those islands without money in pocket, and hence, interacted with people over there in order to earn her/his living while trekking; the earthquake in Indonesia would have given her/him sleepless nights.

Don't we need such passionate fire burning within us for our fellow human beings in the other corners on earth?

And if Bolivia ever enters in war with Indonesia; I - as a Bolivian - will be the first person to outright stand against it.

A year of aimless wandering all through the world before starting our career may prove to be the apostle of peace and fraternity worldwide!

Do you feel things should change in life, on earth?

If yes, why sit passive?

Let's be in the active vanguard.

Let's try to change the world!

Even trying is its own fun in itself!

Here is The Super Mind Evolution System that claims to change your personal life, so if you feel the system is good too - like I do - it may be a humble beginning in the direction of changing the way we live!

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